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Version 1.0.0

Copyright (C) 1998 - 2011 Tamaribuchi, Tsuguhiro



What's New on July 27, 2011:

What's New on July 21, 2011:

GrWinC is a free systyem composed of the grwnd.exe graphics server and library files of graphics routines for Fortran and C/C++ available under many compiler systems on Windows 7/Vista/Xp/2000/NT/Me/9x (x86, x64) platforms. Using this system you can enjoy free graphics programming on Windows even if you have no experience on Windows programming.

The PGPLOT implementation with GrWin make you ready to use high level graphics routines, such as for graphs with hidden lines and/or contour diagrams, etc., in your application. The f2c is incorporated in each installer with prebuilt binaries for a system which do not have a corresponding Fortran compiler, such as Borland C++ Compiler 5.5, Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers, etc.. For the compiler systems GrWin supports having Fortran 9x counter parts, grwin.mod files built from a grwin.f90, by which you do not need to declare the GrWin routines and many parameters in your Fortran 9x source code, are automatically installed when each of the corresponding installers is performed.

The EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is supported by GrWin, as one of output file formats among others, and so users can make high quality documentations using TeX systems, etc..

To install GrWinC 1.0.0 on your PC, download one of the installers (*.msi) appropriate for your system within the Supported compiler systems, and then double click the msi file obtained to launch the installer. After the installation, if the GRWINDIR environment variable is not appear with running the set command in a command prompt, your system shoud be restarted.

On default, some build commands gw<xxx> for console applications and gw<xxx>w for windows applications with <xxx>'s being file extentions are installed in the system's bin directory, e. g., C:\MinGW\bin for a typical MinGW system. To build, for example, an executable dp.exe from a source file dp.f90 the following command line applies:

> gwf90 dp

Users of other systems than those supported can make binary files themselves using the GrWinC toolkit. Individual files in the toolkit can be accessed from here.

Chaotic motion of a double pendulum.   (dp.f90)

The builds 1.0.x (x is the build version) are of the first and the last official version 1.0 which supports 16-bit Windows such as Windows 9x/Me. If any serious bugs are found, another 1.0.x might be released, but there is no plan to extend the version. In 1.1.x or later, improvements of efficiency and/or adding more features are planned. Please be patient until then.

Bug reports are very appreciated. I however would make an apology in advance for not replying to every of your reports. Thank you.

Supported compiler systems
installer package name installer class Fortran C / C++ Platform notes
MinGW & gfortran MinGW gfortran gcc / g++ x86
MinGW & g95 MinGW g95 gcc / g++ x86
MinGW & g77 MinGW g77 gcc / g++ x86
Cygwin & gfortran Cygwin gfortran gcc / g++ x86
Cygwin & g95 Cygwin g95 gcc / g++ x86
Cygwin & g77 Cygwin g77 gcc / g++ x86
Borland C++ & f2c BorlandC f2c bcc32 x86
Digital Mars C++ & f2c DigitalMarsC f2c dmc x86
WATCOM Watcom wfl386 wcl386 x86 *1
UWIN CC & f2c UWIN_CC f2c cc / CC x86
Intel C++ & Fortran Intel32 ifort icl x86
Intel XE C++ & Fortran Intel32 ifort icl x86 *2
Intel Visual C++ & f2c Intel32 f2c icl x86
MS VC++ 6 & f2c MSVC6 f2c cl x86
MS VC++ & Intel Fortran MSVS ifort cl x86 *3
MS VC++ & Intel Fortran MSVS ifort cl x86 *4
MS VC++ & f2c MSVS f2c cl x86 *4
MinGW 64-bit & gfortran MinGW64 gfortran gcc / g++ x64
Intel 64-bit C++ & Fortran Intel64 ifort icl x64
*1 CAUTION: v1.9 might have a bug
*2 The toolkit can be used to build binaries for Intel XE C++ & Fortran.
*3 built with Visual Studio .Net 2003
*4 built with Visual Studio 2008

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <tamari@spdg1.sci.shizuoka.ac.jp>

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