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Version 1.1.3

Copyright (C) 1998 - 2022 by Tamaribuchi, Tsuguhiro



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What's New on Aug 7, 2022:
The official release of GrWin Version 1.1.3 is now available to download. If you have a valid installkey, it can be used to install the new release. Please uninstall the previous one before the instration. See details in the User's Manual.

What's New on March 25, 2016:
The official release of GrWin Version 1.1.1 is now available to download. Windows 10 is supported and some new featuers are added. See details in the User's Manual.

What's New on March 10, 2014:
The official release of GrWin Version 1.1.0 is now available to download. Some new featuers are added. See details in the User's Manual.

What's New on Jun 18, 2013:
Source code for a (famous ?) block-game has been contributed by Mr. Soju TANAKA, and it should work fine with either of GrWin/GrWinC under any compiler system supported by GrWin/GrWinC.
"The source code may be used and modified freely only for NON COMMERCIAL purposes."

GrWin is a graphics programming environment on 32/64-bit Windows platforms composed of the GrWin Graphics Server, grwin.exe, and the GrWin ToolKit, from which free graphics routine libraries for Fortran and C/C++ can be created. Using GrWin you can enjoy free graphics programming on Windows even if you have no experience on Windows programming.

As a set of interactive drivers for the PGPLOT library on Windows an implementation using GrWin is available. The PGPLOT implementation makes you ready to use high level graphics routines interactively, such as for graphs with hidden lines and/or contour diagrams, etc., in your application.

The EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is supported by GrWin, as one of output file formats among others, and so users can make high quality documentations using TeX systems, etc..

The GrWin ToolKit includes the source code to create the GrWin library files using one of the various C/C++ compiler systems which support the WIN32API. So you can use the GrWin environment with such ANY compiler systems provided you have enough skills of WIN32 programming. If you use one of supported systems, which include not only latest 32/64-bit free systems of MinGW and Cygwin and commercially available high performance 32/64-bit libraries of Intel(R) C++/Fortran Compiler and of Microsoft Visual Studio, you don't need skills for WIN32API or Windows programmings because a set of the prebuilt library files suited for your compiler is available. The f2c is incorporated in each installer with prebuilt binaries for a legacy system which do not have a corresponding Fortran compiler, such as Borland C++ Compiler 5.5, Digital Mars C/C++ Compilers, etc.. For each of the supported compiler systems having Fortran 9x counter parts, a mod file, grwin.mod built from grwin.f90, by which you do not need to declare the GrWin routines and many parameters in your Fortran 9x source code, is automatically installed when a corresponding installer is performed.

Chaotic motion of a double pendulum.   (dp.f90)

Bug reports are very appreciated. I however would make an apology in advance for not replying to every of your reports. Thanks.

Tsuguhiro TAMARIBUCHI <tamari@spdg1.sci.shizuoka.ac.jp>

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